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Need a Gift? .........Why not ART?
I do everything from Oil Paintings and Charcoal/ Pastel Drawings to Desktop Publishing and Web Design. I have been hired to do commissions of peoples' houses and portraits to a favorite place visited. I currently have openings for a couple of projects.
Email me to set up a time to talk about your project. savas@msavas.com.

Own an Art Gallery, Artist, Teacher and Coach.

Make a positive difference in others lives.

To create pieces of artwork so compelling you just can not walk away from it.
To capture the spirit of life for everyone to enjoy.

Art Statement :
A celebration of life through the use of color and lines. A moment of time, a feeling, happenings, living life. People may look at some pieces and think, oh it's this place or that place and be done with it. Than most will look at it and think I have been there, I have felt that way, or I need to go there. Most will react with a lot of excitement and some may go bla. What ever it may be and however people feel, they start to talk and that to me is what art is about. How one relates to the pieces and the conversation generated from it.

The artist shows the beauty of life, everything from the morning sunshine to the most vibrant sunset. Don’t be afraid to show the world your colorful thoughts. Don’t hold back your inner creative. The moment an artist turns her back to that, the world is a darker place. Let the world see the artist in you. Sharing the art created is giving back to the community. It not only documents the daily life, it captures the purest of life/ a moment of time. It can either capture the artists emotion or there lack of it. There are good artists and bad artists. The point is that they are out there creating art.

Michelle Savas Thompson 2003
Art Booth 2002
Downtown Cedarburg, WI
Strawberry Festival
Plein Air Art Competition 2003
Downtown Cedarburg, WI

Favorite Time to Paint:
- Any available free time I have.
- If I had to pick the best time of day - mornings and evenings are my favorites for the best lighting.
- Even when I am not "painting" I am thinking about the piece or pieces I am working on.
How can improve it? What should the next color be? Where do I need to push and pull more? What size brush to use? are some of the questions that I run through during "non painting" times.

Art Instruction Schools - correspondence school in Minneapolis MN, Basic Art Certificate 1992
Study Abroad in France and Italy - Art, Summer 1995

University of WI - Milwaukee Bachelor of Fine Arts, Painting and Drawing 1997
MATC - Milwaukee Area Technical College, Desktop Publishing Certificate 2000
MIAD - Dreamweaver 2003
Artist in Residence - Cedarburg Cultural Center September, 2013
Underground Art Intiative January 15-24, 2014
Shelby Keefe Workshop February 20, 2014

Why I use my maiden name for my Artwork:
Savas is my art business name and is how I want my artwork to be remembered.

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